Preparing For a Remodel 2


Part 2 to our tips, tricks, and great ideas we have borrowed, collected and learned over the years to help your remodel go as smoothly as possible….

Start Preparing!

Sort Your Things

Use clear containers or label your boxes very VERY well and try to keep items you absolutely won’t need separate from items you might.  This way, if you do need to find something during the construction, it will be easy to find.  Also, make sure to use tight lids to keep dust out.  Thanks to modern day duct work, dust tends to get everywhere–even in rooms not near the remodeling project.

Protect Your Floors

Lay down some protection on top of you flooring where there will be a lot of foot traffic.  Use plastic sheeting, old rugs, cloth tarps, or anything that will keep flooring protected from dirt, dust, and scratches.

Keep It Separate

Ask your carpenter to hang a plastic sheeting to separate the construction zone from the rest of your house.  And, if you work from home, try to work as far away from the remodeling are as possible to keep yourself out of the dust and noise.

Get Started!


Hang a bulletin board somewhere as a place for you and your contractor to communicate–even tacks on the wall in the garage will do fine.  This will be a known place for bills, payments, or just notes for keeping in touch and keeping track of progress.

Order Materials

If there are items you as the homeowner are ordering or picking up, do it right away.  It is better to have them on hand and tucked away in a closet than to end up needing them and having to wait.  However, double check with your contractor that you are in fact ordering the correct item

Think About Pets

Keep your pets out of the way of the construction and the workers.  Keeping them in a bedroom, kennel, or taking them to doggy daycare will keep them from getting hurt or accidentally slipping out the door without anyone noticing.