Scott Lehmann

With His Grandfather, Richard Lehmann

Marisa (Klinkner) Lehmann

Backwoods Designs was founded in 2011. However, owner Scott Lehmann has been crafting products out of wood since he was a young child. His interests in woodwork began when he was building bird houses with his grandpa, Richard Lehmann, and his passion only grew stronger with age. During high school, Scott began working on larger projects and also became involved in home construction. As he gained more skills, Scott decided to pursue a degree in Carpentry and Cabinetmaking from South Central College in Faribault, MN. Scott graduated with his degree in 2007, and then began working for a home construction company.


While building homes, Lehmann realized his strongest interests were in the area of finished woodwork. So, later in 2007, he began working at Custom Wood Products, a small cabinet shop in Wells, MN owned by Dan Drugg. After spending a few years in the cabinet business, Scott recognized that his attention to detail and concern for quality could allow him to create his own unique and customized cabinets and woodwork. He chose the name "Backwoods Designs" because it fit his personality and honored the roots of his interests. In 2012, Scott made another big decision for Backwoods Designs and began to sell Cambria Countertops. To learn more about Cambria, { click here }. The next big change for Backwoods Designs occurred in 2013, when Scott's wife, Marisa, joined the business.


Everyday, Scott and Marisa together, build custom cabinets from start to finish. After the wood working is done, they then stain and finish the cabinets and all their pieces. When it is all finished, Scott and Maria deliver and install these cabinets. It's no joke when they say "start to finish."


Backwoods Designs, adding rich wood beauty to homes in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa.


Tuffer joined Backwoods Designs in 2014 and makes his way around the shop and office on a daily basis. He loves people and may become overly friendly but does know basic commands. Tuffer spends most of his days sleeping while he is at the shop.



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